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IAP Worldwide’s Services and Career Opportunities

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IAP Worldwide Services is a renowned firm that offers services such as premises administration, international logistics, and high-level technical services. The company has a staff of more than 2000 professionals, and it runs units in about 25 countries. Its services help in solving complicated issues for clients who are both in the private and public sector. Most of its solutions are designed to assist in addressing unexpected activities such as natural calamities. IAP has a lot of experience in the services that it offers and has the skills to plan, coordinate and carry out complex logistical and practical missions. They control, uphold and run military projects that are the size of a small city, amenities for civilians, and movable research laboratories. The firm is a distributor of human resources, technology, and administration of systems for its clients who are based across the globe.

The organization has a mission of helping it clients in solving complicated challenges by using skills, legitimate technology, and ingenuity. IAP Worldwide Services take on the objectives of customers as their own and strive to ensure that they are all achieved. The firm has four primary competencies that assist it in ensuring that it accomplishes its mission, and these are dedication, agility, focus, and capability. Its operations are also managed by various values, which include having integrity and humanity, acting quickly and responsibly, offering motivational guidance, and forming partnerships that facilitate success with affiliates, clients, and the society.

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The company is always seeking for a platform to make collaborations with suppliers and other businesses that have similar goals of helping customers in solving problems. They strongly believe in partnering with many types of organizations that can assist in raising the value of their enterprise and also openly accept the professionalism and solutions that they bring to the clients. According to IAP Worldwide, the success of a business does not only come from the customers but also the society that is associated with it. The firm is socially responsible and gives donations to people and communities that have been important in its growth.

IAP Worldwide’s employees are well skilled in solving other people’s problems. The jointly offer outstanding professionalism, knowledge and experience to come up with an excellent workforce. The company has various career opportunities for different skilled people. The experts that it mostly hires are good in logistics, engineering, general management, program administration, accounting, and operations.

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Duda Melzer is a Force to be reckoned with in the Family Owned Business Sector

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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is the current President and Board Chairman of RBS Group. He owns media conglomerate in southern Brazil dealing with entertainment and journalism brands. Melzer also founded e.Bricks and chairs the company’s board. e.Bricks is a large investment firm operating in the digital industry within the United States and Brazil.
Melzer is a third generation member of the Sirotsky family. He is the grandson of Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho – the founder of RBS. Melzer has an MBA from Harvard as well as a degree in B.A. from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). He started his career in the U.S. where he worked at various top companies’ positions. He started at Delphi where he became one of its senior financial analysts. He then worked for Boxtop Media Company. He later went back to join his family-owned businesses.

In 2015, Melzer was chosen as one of the distinguished leaders of Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. This relationship of family enterprise leaders brings together 25 members from successful entrepreneurial families.

Melzer was highly influenced by American professor, John Davis. Davis is an expert on family-ran businesses and is actually a highly sought after consultant in this specific area. He was instrumental in helping Eduardo Melzer consolidate and expand his family business. The relationship between the professor and RBS started in 1999. By then, RBS was Davis’ first client.

Duda Melzer believes in good governance and professional leadership when it comes to managing a family business. In 2012, Melzer assumed the leadership of the expansive RBS Group. He has since enlisted the help of top business consultants Ram Charan and Jim Collins. He has won several business-related awards. In 2015, he was named the top Entrepreneur of 2015 by Ernst and Young in its family business category.

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Kabbalah Spirituality

Kabbalah CentreHuman Sexuality Is An Important And Popular Kabbalah Subject

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The mysteries found within the ancient Hebraic culture are proving to be extremely relevant in the modern world. The Kabbalah is rich with insights and regimens for living that excite and captivate people in present-day society. This is due to its insistence on practitioners to rely on a personal, creative, and elevated spiritual source to guide every facet of life.

The Kabbalah provides instruction on everything from religious practice, to nutrition. It gives guidance on how to interact with friends and strangers, how to interpret natural signs and seasons, and how to deal with personal life struggles. One of the most popular subjects for modern society that the Kabbalah addresses is human sexuality.

The core teaching of the Kabbalah on human sexuality focuses on intimacy as a gift from the Creator. Intimacy is a pleasurable and constructive expression of the joy that the Creator intended for all people. Therefore, all sexual expression should be performed in the confines of ultimate security and acceptance, as well as, always convened in a manner that recognizes each human body as a conduit of sacred energy.

Expert instruction provided through the Kabbalah, and other extremely personal concerns, is found in places like the Kabbalah Centre International. This non-profit organization is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, USA. It is a pan-ethnic organization that uses community study groups to spread the universal attributes of the Zohar, as it applies to all aspects of living.

The most attractive facet of the Kabbalah Centre is its accessibility by all people regardless of their knowledge of, and experience with, Hebrew culture and practices. Fundamental Kabbalah belief dictates that there are universal truths that can be used by all people to enhance areas of their lives. A Jewish heritage is not necessary to benefit from the teachings that the Kabbalah Centre promotes.

Subjects as personal as sexual awareness, fertility, and partner relations are addressed in great detail by Kabbalist philosophy. Anyone can learn to use innate connections with the powerful, righteous, and ordained celestial energy imbued by the Creator to enhance all aspects of well-being. Counselling and coaching in the ways of Kabbalah are available whenever the desire is awakened within. Find the Kabbalah Centre on Facebook to learn more.


Securus Technologies Offers Solutions for the Future

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Securus Technologies is securing the future of technology for emergency response, public information solutions, GPS monitoring, inmate cell service, inmate ancillary solutions, as well as overall biometric analytics and analysis data analytics based on location providing the solutions you need. If this sounds like an awful lot to do, well you thought right because it is. That’s why when you need a magnitude of services at this level handled for your business, organization or corporation you need Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas Texas and has an A+ rating and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Providing the world with the technology to make it safer and function in a more efficient manner is the basis of what Securus Technologies does best. Mobile law enforcement, emergency response dispatch, and other areas of Public Safety involve consolidated coordination in real time and Securus America Technologies can deliver.

This is a service that Securus Technology knows and knows well. Existing with the purpose of connecting and serving to make the world safer, Securus Technologies is the solution you need for your corporation or business. By locating potential integrity breaches and other wrongdoings Securus Technologies helps to make the business world operate in compliance. Recently the Louisiana State Department commissioned Securus Technologies to do an investigation.

During this investigation as revealed by PR Newswire, Securus Technologies uncovered wrong doings from a telecommunication company that services many different correctional facilities. They were overcharging considerably in the amount of over 1.2 million dollars in a year in Louisiana alone. These findings were established and are able to be recovered and can be prevented from happening again thanks to Securus Technologies.

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Scholarship for Professional Achievement to be Awarded by Keith Mann

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Keith and Keely Mann’s Scholarship for Professional Achievement is a scholarship to be awarded to a high school senior to recognize his or her original and creative business leadership mindset. The Mann’s have collaborated with a non-profit business called Uncommon Schools located in New York City. Keith Mann will present the Scholarship of Professional Achievement to one senior graduating from a Brooklyn high school.

Applying for the Scholarship involves the interested students to write an essay of 1000 words explaining how a college degree will help him or her acquire their professional goals. Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners and a great advocate of promoting education.

Uncommon schools are a non-profit that starts up and manages urban schools in the public sector that close the gap in achievements and help students of low income families get through and prepare to graduate from college. Right now Uncommon manages schools across three states. Those states are New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, where Uncommon supplies a large variety of support that is managed from the main office in New York City and their regional teams.

Keith Mann has worked for 15 years as the Managing Director of Dynamics Executive Search and has become extremely good in the industry of hedge fund compensation, hiring, and hiring strategy. He began to realize the hedge fund industry was growing quite rapidly and were not being attended to adequately. In 2002, he started Dynamics Search Partners an alternative investment practice within Dynamics Executive Search. Then in 2006, he expanded the firm to work with industries having private equity and in 2009, DPS became a leading management search firm. Keith is founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners and provides services exclusively to alternative investment firms.

Keith runs the day-to-day operations of DSP as he guides his clients in hiring professionals to work with their existing teams for investments, strategy, and marketing. He also encourages his clients to build on new outlets. Keith and DPS work with many firms throughout the Unites States, Asia, and Europe is fulfilling more than 200 mandates for clients a year.


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Diversant Leading in Ideal IT Solutions With a Major Team Player- John Goullet

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Recognized as the largest African-American owned IT staffing company in the United States, Diversant has hit the IT market with a storm bringing innovative and diverse solutions into the IT world. As a fully-certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), the company goes beyond the limits in providing the best and ingenious methodologies in meeting the needs of its expansive clientele base. Specializing only in the best of IT staffing products, Diversant sorely focuses its efforts in IT staff augmentation, innovative diversity solutions, and direct hire.

Owing true to its name, the company employs diversity in all its products and services to meet each and every of its clients’ needs. With an in-depth and informative consultation session, Diversant can engage and approach all their clients as business partners, rather than merely acting as a product and service provider. Coupled up with diversity, the company has established a team of professional and passionate workers that operate like a well-oiled machine.

John Goullet, a technology staffing professional, has been appointed at Diversant LLC for over six years as the executive principal of the company. John has impressively made a name for himself in the tech. Industry from very humble beginnings through hard work and commitment. Before he became a member of Diversant’s team of professionals, he was the CEO of Info Technologies for four years. He does not have many affiliations and background experiences to his name, but rather his brilliance at what he does makes him fitted for his role at Diversant LLC.

John graduated from Ursinus College, which is located in the Greater Philadelphia area. Info Technologies was his first company which focused in IT staffing by matching the right professionals with his numerous clients. His passion for IT has drawn together with his outstanding leadership qualities are what gained him favor with Diversant, and in his time of employment, he has brought progressive change into the IT staffing firm.

Diversant has indeed proved to be multi-faceted by providing opportunities to talented IT professionals and also providing huge enterprises with the right IT manpower. With the ever-growing market for in the technology industry, the only way for Diversant LLC id truly up in the IT market.

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An Active Entrepreneur and Philanthropist: Eric Pulier

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New Jersey native, Eric Pulier, started People Doing Things in Los Angeles. His company addressed issues, like health care and education, through use of technology. He also helped to start the social network for chronically ill children, the Starbright World. This network helped children to reach out and find support during their difficult time.

Aside from his companies and philanthropic organizations, he also has been selected to work with several prestigious exhibits on technology. He worked on “the Bridge to the 21st Century,” which was a Presidential Technology Exhibition. In addition to that, he worked with Al Gore’s health care and technology forum and worked on several initiatives. He is also a supporter of Clinton’s Global Initiative.

Pulier is a busy entrepreneur, one who has founded over fifteen companies and has had his hand in a number of other ventures. He has invested his wealth in other organizations, like charities and funds such as Trident Capital, eCompanies, and Monitor Ventures. He has reinvested in his communities by helping to support The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for chronically ill children, and the X Prize foundation, an organization for sports competitions to help with world challenges.

Eric Pulier helps other start ups and ventures go on to become successful and he has invested his own money in a number of start ups that have become financially viable companies. He has studied at Harvard, where he studied English, Computer Science, and Visual and Environmental Studies. He is an active father of four, who works to invest in small businesses and start ups and gives back to the community.

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Market Strategist Sam Tabar Appointed As COO Of FullCycle Energy Fund

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Sam Tabar is a financial strategist who hit the limelight of his career after being named as the chief operating officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. According to PR Newswire, Sam Tabar signed a commercial agreement with the company where his outlined roles involved being the fund management strategist. Sam Tabar is an experienced investor who used to work with the banks before signing the current deal.

Tabar started his career as an associate in law firms such as Slater, Skadden, and Arps. He has also worked as a consultant officer where he offered advisory services to clients in a friendly manner. Tabar mainly deals with hedge funds and the company’s employment issues. He has been working in the financial institutions and the law firms, an important factor that has contributed towards his expertise.

Tabar explained on Twitter how honored he was to get a chance to work with FullCycle Energy Fund executives. As the COO of this company, Tabar will also get responsible for supervision of special operations based in the funds management department. FullCycle Energy Fund was established in 2013 under a very favorable condition. The primary aim of the company was to support projects involved in the conversion of environmental biohazards into cheap and environmentally friend fuels.

FullCycle Energy Fund focuses on the provision of cheap and reliable energy that can be used at a global level without polluting the environment. Mr. Tabar’s legal expertise will be a great asset towards the realization of FullCycle Energy Fund mission. Apart from being a market strategist, Sam Tabar is also a humanitarian, who works towards the achievement of a democratic and just society. Sam Tabar has encountered lots of success, most of which has been contributed by his dedication and commitments in his work,

In FullCycle Energy Fund, Tabar will be working with qualified professionals who have been in the energy industry for more than 20 years. Sam has been in the forefront advocating for a sustainable environment. He is among the leading donors who support SheThinx Company, an independent firm that was established to empower women.  This even inspired Sam to do his own work for charity through GoFundMe.

Investment Banking Investors

Functions Of Investment Banks and Martin Lustgarten

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Investment banking has been in existence for a long time. With the passage of time, investment banks have expanded their product and service offering. An investment bank can be defined as a financial institution that helps corporations, government, and individual raise capital by acting as an agent in the issuance of securities.

Most investment bankers deal with mergers and acquisitions, trading of derivatives as well as FICC services and market creation. It is crucial to seek the services of professional investment bankers, as they will provide advice on how a company can go public. Such bankers will create the required documentation for the Securities and Exchange Commission. By navigating regulatory requirements, investment banks maximize revenue by pricing financial instruments. What sets investment banking apart from commercial and retail banking is the fact that with investment banks there is no need for placing deposits. However, there are some industrialized countries that have not seen the need to separate commercial and investment banks.

While making investments, it is crucial for one to know about the buy-side and sell-side. The buy-side deals with offering advice services to institutions that purchase investment services. Examples of Buy-side businesses include unit trusts, mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds and life insurance. Trading securities for cash or various securities are some of the sell-side functions.

It is common to see investment banks split into public and private functions. This is done mostly to prevent information from crossing from one side to another. Private functions focus on information that cannot be disclosed publicly while the public side offers information such as stock analysis.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker. He hails from Miami, Florida. Mr. Lustgarten is the current managing director of Henlux Inc. Martin was born on July 9th 1959. He has been with the firm since January 2010. Martin has previously worked as a cash and investment manager at Cisneros Group of Companies. He received his undergraduate degree in engineering from Universidad Metropolitana.

Martin is passionate about animal welfare. He even has an active GoFundMe campaign. Martin is highly skilled in finance, financial accounting, business strategy and investments. He is highly recognized in Florida for his exceptional skills. Lustgarten is fluent in English, Hebrew, German and French.

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