Why Fabletics Cares So Much About Their Online Reviews

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Brands who know what they are doing and are keeping up with the times are using the law of social proof in order to get more online reviews. This helps them boost sales and improve their growth rate. It has done wonders for Fabletics, a company that offers subscription based services in the fashion industry. By leveraging the law of social proof, they have managed to grow so much. They are very active in responding to and managing their online reviews. They have more than 30,000 reviews on one site alone, Trustpilot, where they have a very good average rating.


There are more and more options for getting online reviews. There are more and more sites where you can get them. More and more customers are leaving reviews on all kinds of review platforms. In the current year, Yelp has had an increase of reviews by twenty six percent, compared to last year. In fact, their app users are now twenty percent more than last year. According to one company that keeps track of such things, Yelp has over twenty five million users who use their app. Trustpilot is another popular review site. It has more than thirty million reviews of over one hundred and sixty thousand companies. There are more than twenty thousand reviewers who come to Trustpilot every day, according to the company.


There are many ways that online reviews help companies. For starters, it helps increase trust in a company. This leads to more sales. People are searching for online reviews more and more as well. More than half of all consumers search for online reviews on a regular basis. More and more brands are starting to incorporate online reviews into their sales process. Seventy six percent of brands are saying that they use online reviews on their sales pages or website in order to increase sales.


Online reviews improve your bottom line in many ways. They bring more sales, improve your online conversion rates, bring in repeat customers, and make you rank higher in the search engines. You can also rank higher on individual sites such as Amazon or Target.


Kate Hudson is the actress who is behind Fabletics. Although she started out as an actress, she has proven her abilities in the world of business and fashion. She has helped Fabletics get a great BBB rating and get more customers. Fabletics is happy to have her on their team. Take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz so that they can find the right clothing for you.

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Anthony Petrello Success Story as the Nabors Industries Boss

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The world is full of great people who are never recognized outside their career just because they are not politicians but in the real sense, they play big roles in making sure that they make the world a better place to live. Anthony Petrello is one of those people whom in his career has dedicated his time and skills just towards ensuring that he helps in the achievement of daily goals. He has however been through many challenges but eventually has made it. At 62 years, he happens to have been the CEO of Nabor’s Holding Ltd. He also tops the list of the highest paid CEOs in the United States and his desires have been nothing else but to achieve in life. His mission has been to succeed in his career and also help so many people through the creation of more employment opportunities.

Anthony Petrello has had a very humble beginning and has been on the frontline achieving great things in life. He comes from poor backgrounds and has worked for his success. He attained a public school because at Newark, New Jersey where he was born and raised, his parents could not afford to pay higher schools. He did not have the privilege of being taught by the world’s greatest tutors but rather worked for his success independently. He is believed to have been working day and night for his success and worked tirelessly just towards ensuring that achieves his lifetime goals. He has always committed himself to success and his mission has been to help people live together as great achievers.

Anthony Petrello became so famous in his hometown because of his expertise in solving complex mathematical theorems. He became a great figure in the industry and people knew him as a mathematics genius. That made him secure a scholarship with Yale University to study bachelors in Mathematics. At the University, he met another professor of Mathematics who became his mentor and they could solve very technical theorems that nobody else could manage. After getting his BS and the Master’s degrees, he left for Havard to study Law. He pursued a bachelors degree at the University and later left for McKenzie and Baker which was among the largest law firms by then. He specialized in business law and mostly dwelt his attention in matters to do with tax considering his great analytical skills and the qualifications he possessed.

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OSI Industries: A Global Success

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OSI Group is a premier global food provider founded in 1909. The company provides processed protein items like sausage links, bacon, and beef patties to major retail food brands and food service industries. Forbes ranks OSI Group number fifty-eight in their “America’s Largest Private Companies” category, and with good reason. The company is rapidly expanding in locations like China and continue to reduce the cost of distribution while increasing income.

The company operates in seventeen different countries with more than sixty facilities worldwide. Tyson foods recently sold one of their processing facilities and storage warehouses to OSI in early June of 2016. The two-hundred thousand sq. ft. plant, which is located in Chicago, is relatively close to many of OSI’s facilities. When they bought the warehouse, they managed to keep on two-hundred fifty of the employees formerly working for Tyson. OSI claims that this location will continue to support business growth.

By acquiring Flagship Europe, a supplier of frozen poultry and other various items, OSI Group made yet another smart business move. Since adding Flagship Europe to their network, OSI now has an even stronger presence in Europe, according to president David McDonald.

OSI Group is known for their charitable activities. Sheldon Lavin, Chairman and CEO of OSI Industries, is on the Board of Trustees for Ronald McDonald House Charities. In July 2014, a group from OSI UK road 300 miles to raise money the RMHC. The bike ride was a huge success and helped many families and children in the UK. In 2015, OSI North America put in over three-hundred volunteer hours to Feeding America, a nationwide food bank that supplies more than forty-six million people each year.

Many global companies know that their facilities and plants leave a large “carbon footprint” and do nothing about it. OSI Group is consistently monitoring their carbon output, reviewing the results, and doing everything they can to reduce the emissions. By 2020, OSI Group plans to:
Reduce energy intensity by ten percent
Reduce water intensity by ten percent
Achieve zero waste to landfill

This company does much more than providing retailers with quality meats. OSI Group truly cares about how society views them on a global scale.

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End Citizens United Chooses Jones Doug for Senate

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End Citizens United has just announced its interests in allowing Jones Doug to take the senate seat in the coming elections. The PAC has been keen on the proceedings. It is clear that they trust Jones with the position. From some of the team member’s comments, Jones is set to lead in very, reliable ways. End Citizens United just stated that Jones is better qualified because he has this clean track record that explains his agenda as clean and that can be relied on. Jones is competing Moore. Moore is the opposite of the PAC’s preferred candidate. According to the PAC, Moore cannot match the sacrifices that Jones would make for his people. In fact, he has a dirty track record that places him in a bad position in the leadership map.

Why Is Jones Preferred

Jones has been leading for years. As an attorney in America, he has a clean map of leadership and good character. His conduct speaks well of his intentions for the people. Jones is used to helping people to find justice. These are the sole responsibilities of the people who are trusted with the legal system. Jones is also equipped with better, listening skills that allow him to reach out to people with ideas on reforms. Jones is generally preferred because his character is clean. He has no ill agenda for his people. He would never receive money from the wrong places. In fact, it is projected that he will always fight such sources of money in politics. Jones better understands the possibility of a leader running the future of citizens. He would never use ill agendas to man handle people. The people of Alabama are fed up with their current leader and they would like to be led by a different person that has better agendas for their future. Jones is the person.

Moore is not reliable

Jones is competing Moore in the senate race. End Citizens United has handed the mantle to Jones because Moore has ill, bigoted, agendas. Moore is filled with racism and bad agendas. He cannot be held responsible because he has bad records in office. Moore has squandered money from charity. This is a bad track record that should not allow him to lead in any way. Moore is ill and can do anything, illegal as it may be, to earn money. He would never fight for better systems.


End Citizens United was established in 2015. The PAC is always ready to invest in reforms. The team believes that reforms contribute to better lives. That is why, since 2015, there has been an endorsement of better leaders. Jones is just one of them. End Citizens is in office to fight dark money. It is always the hope of this team to arrive at better systems and justice.

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A Look At The Accomplishments Made By Dr. Mark McKenna, the Founder of ShapeMed and OVME

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Dr. Mark McKenna is a respected medical doctor. He is licensed to practice in surgery and medicine by the Georgia and the Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. McKenna is a devoted community servant. Originally from New Orleans, LA, McKenna enrolled in Tulane University Medical School where he pursued his medical studies. After graduating, he started his career by working for his father. Later, he launched McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate development company. Subsequently, McKenna went on to acquire Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. The two companies employed over 50 people. These companies offered finance, design-build solutions and real estate closing services.

Most of McKenna’s businesses were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina when it hit the City of New Orleans. McKenna was actively involved in the reconstruction of New Orleans by developing low-moderate income housing.

In November 2007, McKenna incorporated ShapeMed after relocating to Atlanta, GA. In 2014, he sold the aesthetic and wellness-focused medical practice to Life Time Fitness Inc. McKenna went on to work as the national medical director for Life Time Fitness Inc. until 2016. In 2017, he founded OVME, a consumer facing and medical aesthetic firm. Notably, the technology-enabled company is reshaping elective healthcare.

McKenna is married to Gianine McKenna. They are parents to Milana Elle, their daughter, and Ryder, a four-year old Pomeranian. Presently, Dr. McKenna is a member of Entrepreneurs Organization. Previously, he rendered his services for New Orleans Jazz Festival and New Orleans Industrial Development Board as a board member.

About McKenna

Dr. McKenna is a shrewd entrepreneur and licensed surgery and medicine practitioner. He focuses on offering his patients with the most extensive medical weight loss solutions and numerous exceptional NSA procedures. Dr. McKenna is a highly respected professional. Over the years, Dr. McKenna has been featured on different television shows, including Doctorpreneur, a CBS television show. The CBS show seeks to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by various medical and healthcare communities.

In 2013, his firm ShapeMed re-qualified for the Black Diamond certification by the Allergan Inc. The certification is given to leaders in the medical aesthetics industry, especially those that demonstrate their dedication to innovation, the highest level of patient care, and excellence. This level of achievement is only attained by less than 1 percent of MD’s countrywide.

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Norman Pattiz; PodcastOne Proves a Suitable Platform for All Ads

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Norman Pattiz, the owner and CEO of PodcastOne, in partnership with Edison Research, recently conducted a study to test the efficiency of ads broadcasted on the several channels of PodcastOne. Five leading brands with high recall rates on other advertisement outlets were used in the study. The analysis was conducted on listeners before the airing of the advert and immediately after its airing.


The primary objective of the two companies was to understand consumer trends as well as the type of audience listening to shows on PodcastOne. Moreover, such research was to give advertisers and marketers a scientific proof using PodcastOne to advertise served its intended purpose.


Several findings resulted from the survey carried out by Edison Research. For instance, one of the five brands was a grocery store that only about 7% of the listeners claim to know before its ads were aired. After a broadcast of the advertisement, over 60% of the listeners were aware of the grocery store. The other brand was an automobile which has a lower recall rate as compared to the grocery store with just fewer listeners responding to the broadcasted ad. The other advert with a high recall includes the Awareness campaigns that had 60% rate before the advert was aired to approximately 75% afterward.


Edison Research did three separate surveys in 2016 for PodcastOne. In each survey, Edison first collected data on listeners before airing the advertisement and then after running the ad for 4-6 weeks; they did a post study. The results from the pre and post studies demonstrated that podcast audiences were open to brand messages and showed their augmented willingness to consider or even buy those specific brands ( Moreover, by publishing the results of the survey, Norman Pattiz managed to attract other companies to showcase their brands on PodcastOne.


About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a veteran broadcaster and the founder of Westwood One which managed to grow into a leading radio network, a provider of entertainment, sports, news, talk shows, and traffic programming in the United States broadcasting sector. Mr. Pattiz launched Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 which led to the establishment of PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales in 2012.


Norman Pattiz has had a fulfilling career, and in 2000, he was elected by President Clinton to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors with a re-appointment in 2002. Furthermore, Mr. Pattiz was welcomed into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009 and won the Giants of Broadcasting Award issued by the Library of American Broadcasting.


New York

Success Story of Jeremy Goldstein

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Jeremy Goldstein is one of the famous New York lawyers and has been in practice for quite a while. He has worked in some of the most prominent law firms in the country and layer decided to open his own. It’s called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The firm specializes on compensations, and he has witnessed so many company transactions in his entire life as a lawyer. He has been hired by Verizon, Duke Energy, AT&T, Bank One and so many other organizations.


Sometimes back, Jeremy Goldstein interviewed stock options compensations. He cites reasons why employers find it difficult to exercise them or rather, why they opted to stop giving them out. Some companies thought that by doing so, they would be saving money. Jeremy, on the other hand, had some different reasons. He first explains various reasons why these companies have stopped giving out these options. They say that the value of these stocks is volatile and sometimes tend to fluctuate so much. With all the frustrations, the businesses are still required to report the associated expenses. Also, many company’s employees fear these options so far become of how they are rendered worthless by them economic instability. Some people even compare them to casino tokens. Also, the possibilities have vast and complicated accounting burdens. They make it challenging to operate independently.Some employees, therefore, prefer payments regarding cash.


Jeremy Goldstein also gives the various advantages related to these transactions. He says that the options are preferable options. They are very simple to understand and even tend to provide something of equal value to the employees. It is also true to say that these companies increase the amount of the options when their profits are high. This in effect will help improve staff motivation in the business. It will help them advance in innovation, customer care and even massive dedication to their services.


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Build Your Confidence with Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

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A majority of people whether wealthy or otherwise have different kinds of debts. Debts can be quite frustrating more so with your debt collector threatening to take necessary legal options on your. However, thanks to Freedom Debt Relief, you will be able to pay off your debts faster and with little stress.

Freedom Debt Relief is quite easy to work with as you will find out from some of the Freedom Debt Relief reviews highlighted below. The first step towards your debt freedom is always debt evaluation. With Freedom Debt Relief this process is always free and takes you a call request to their friendly and certified debt consultants. If you decide to go on with the process, then you will be taken through a process that designs a program that best works for your finances. The third process is the Full-Depth Reclamation. You do not have to be bothered about this process, Freedom Debt Relief experts will help handle the process from start to end, all you have to do is channel your questions and concerns to them. Debt Freedom. This is the last step of the debt process and will see your creditors forward a clean debt status to the relevant authorities.

According to a number of reviews and testimonials on the website, Freedom Debt Relief is very helpful in a number of area in life. Julie M. a client with the company attests to the fact that the company helped her save her marriage. During the time she contacted the company, her husband had been laid off from work and they were slowly sinking to debt. Freedom debt relief came in due time to help them out. According to Julie, her first debt payment was a relief and the warm customer service and professionalism are things she would want everybody to experience too.

Independent contractor Gary G. in his Freedom Debt Relief review is one person who is grateful to have Freedom Debt Relief Company by his side. According to him, you do not know when you are going in debts until you get there. However, with freedom debt relief, it is quite a relief knowing that you are not alone and that there are people willing to help you through your journey.

The above two Freedom Debt Relief review snippets are enough confidence that whatever your debt situation is, with freedom debt relief you can always pull through.

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OSI Group Grows To a Global Company under Sheldon Lavin

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Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and the CEO of OSI Group, LLC, whose headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois. He holds a high position in the food and meat processing industry. Currently, Sheldon is the president of OSI International Foods Limited and actively takes part in the company’s numerous operations. Lavin’s industry know-how has developed since 1970 when he was part of Otto & Son’s financing. It is Otto & Sons that grew to be OSI Group. The company rose to be an international industry leader from a domestic food processing company through Sheldon’s leadership and vision. Presently, it has over 60 locations across 60 different countries.

Raising OSI to A Whole New Level

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI industries after he was requested by the bank he was serving. He was told to get an ownership position at Otto & Sons, a request he first declined but later on agreed to but under a condition. The condition to be met was that Lavin should have an equal amount of power similar to its members. Five years after joining the company, he embarked on an investment-hunting mission overseas. Later Sheldon was asked to participate in a whole-time business, which would see the growth of OSI with McDonald’s. After he agreed, OSI Group grew in Taiwan, North America, South Africa and Europe. Since then, Sheldon Lavin is still scrutinizing its growth regardless of the company extending to China, India, South Africa Philippians, Japan and Australia.

Winning the Award

Sheldon Lavin scooped the Global Visionary Award from India Vision World Academy for raising OSI to an international level. Sheldon stated that it was such a great honor and he felt humbled to have won the coveted award. Sheldon added that he felt proud of his life’s contribution in bringing OSI Group into its current position. He has always had the interest of OSI Group and its workers at heart. To know more about us: click here.

Besides developing OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has seen the company receive numerous sustainability and environmental awards. He hopes that even the future corporate leaders will set the awards as a priority. On interviewing Lavin on his long list of success, he said that he strives for inspiring the next lot of corporate leaders to devote themselves to developing their companies into responsible ways that add to the advancement of world’s commerce and opportunities for their workers.

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The Iconic Significance of Mike Baur in the Entrepreneurial World

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Mike Baur is definitely one of the most dominant names in the world of entrepreneurship in the 21st Century. Born and raised in Freiburg, Switzerland, Mike Baur got schooled in Bern University, where he graduated with a Business degree. He further pursued and graduated with another Business Degree at the University of Rochester.


Mike Baur kicked off his flamboyant career in a remarkable fashion when he was just 16 years old. He started to scale the heights of success when he became an apprentice of the Union Bank of Switzerland in 1991; a very rare phenomenon in ordinary business perspective. Quite apparently, this marked the genesis of his banking career.


During his practice as a banker, Mike Baur showed a lot of diligence, determination, and competence. It is for this reason that he rapidly rose to the ranks of a senior advisor of the bank even before attaining the age of 30 years. It is of utmost importance to acknowledge that Mike Baur gave some priceless financial advice to some of the most successful and wealthiest people in Germany.


In 2008, Mike Baur ceased to be an employee of Union Bank of Switzerland and got employed at Clariden Leu Bank in Zurich where he worked for over five years. In 2014, however, Mike Baur’s career took another trajectory that was not in any way related to the Banking world. In partnership with Max Meister, a fellow graduate from The Bern University, Mike Baur Founded a company that they named the Swiss Start Up Factory.


Mike Baur envisaged starting up a company that would support, mentor, and train young Swiss entrepreneurs who sought to be great moguls in the society. The Swiss Start Up Factory seeks to achieve this goal by providing financial assistance to start-up businesses whose probability of success are overwhelmingly high. Mike Baur’s company not only give financial assistance to upcoming moguls but also gives them rent-free offices in the capital city of Switzerland.


Mike Baur is an iconic and inspirational figure in the business world as he does not only aim to benefit his company but also has a strong desire and passion to enable young upcoming entrepreneurs to thrive. The fact that he provides an avenue for them to socialize and network with other successful business moguls is just a key to the doors of success in the entrepreneurial field.