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Anthony Petrello Success Story as the Nabors Industries Boss

The world is full of great people who are never recognized outside their career just because they are not politicians but in the real sense, they play big roles in making sure that they make the world a better place to live. Anthony Petrello is one of those people whom in his career has dedicated his time and skills just towards ensuring that he helps in the achievement of daily goals. He has however been through many challenges but eventually has made it. At 62 years, he happens to have been the CEO of Nabor’s Holding Ltd. He also tops the list of the highest paid CEOs in the United States and his desires have been nothing else but to achieve in life. His mission has been to succeed in his career and also help so many people through the creation of more employment opportunities.

Anthony Petrello has had a very humble beginning and has been on the frontline achieving great things in life. He comes from poor backgrounds and has worked for his success. He attained a public school because at Newark, New Jersey where he was born and raised, his parents could not afford to pay higher schools. He did not have the privilege of being taught by the world’s greatest tutors but rather worked for his success independently. He is believed to have been working day and night for his success and worked tirelessly just towards ensuring that achieves his lifetime goals. He has always committed himself to success and his mission has been to help people live together as great achievers.

Anthony Petrello became so famous in his hometown because of his expertise in solving complex mathematical theorems. He became a great figure in the industry and people knew him as a mathematics genius. That made him secure a scholarship with Yale University to study bachelors in Mathematics. At the University, he met another professor of Mathematics who became his mentor and they could solve very technical theorems that nobody else could manage. After getting his BS and the Master’s degrees, he left for Havard to study Law. He pursued a bachelors degree at the University and later left for McKenzie and Baker which was among the largest law firms by then. He specialized in business law and mostly dwelt his attention in matters to do with tax considering his great analytical skills and the qualifications he possessed.

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